Spring Business Forum

Spring Business Forum

19-20 April from 9:00 at Arena Lviv (199 Stryiska St.)

Lviv’s Spring Business Forum will take place at Arena Lviv on 19-20 April beginning from 9:00. Event participants include representatives of local authorities, leading banks, successful entrepreneurs interested in Ukraine’s economic development, and foreign financial and investment firms interested in implementing business projects in Ukraine.

This year’s main topic is ‘Changing the trajectory of development: new strategies, instruments, and markets’. Some of the key issues the forum will tackle are: defining the state and prospects of short- and medium-term economic development in Ukraine by means of export studies; qualitative analysis of elements affecting the conduct of business in Ukraine; and establishing cooperation between entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and political authorities from across Ukraine.

The event has attracted many interesting speakers and moderators, including EBRD Country Director in Ukraine Sevki Acuner, Norvik Banka Head Alexey Aleksandrov, Head of UkrAvtoDor (Ukrainian Agency for Roads) Slawomir Nowak, Ukrzaliznytsya (Ukrainian Agency for Trains) Director of Economy and Finance Andriy Ryazantsev, and Kormotech CEO Rostyslav Vovk.

The event will open with speeches by Lviv State Administration Head Oleh Synyutka, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, and HD Partners Legal Company Managing Partner Volodomyr Glaschenkov, and will close with an informal networking event at Lviv’s Citadel Restaurant. A business-breakfast will be held jointly with the Ukrainian Union of Entrepreneurs (SUP) on 28 April on the Citadel Hotel’s summer terrace.