About Us

SevenTeams consulting is a new company with experienced staff and a passion for our work. We provide a large variety of services to help our clients create and support their outsourced offices and teams. We are confident of our success in this area since our city, Lviv, is one of the main outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe. As our client, you will have access to our knowledge plus a wide range of IT resources.

Our History

The history of our company is only now being written! However, years of successful cooperation and experience in different companies give us confidence in this endeavor. We are going to write a great history – and you can be part of it! And, who knows, maybe this moment – your reading this text – is a key point in your and our history. So let’s create our success story together!

Our Vision

In SevenTeams we believe that a very important component of success in IT is teamwork. That’s why our main goal is to create an efficient and successful team for our clients.
In addition, we know how to organize a good environment for IT specialists. This is due to our more than 15 years of experience in IT projects. We believe that a great team in the right environment is key to your success.

Why office in L'viv it's a great idea

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